Palma Salon is an Aveda lifestyle salon owned by Palma Sørensen. The Palma salon is known in the industry for its creative vision and innovative techniques that respect the natural look and movement of hair. Palma Salon has been known for many years in the hairdressing industry working to cultivate a unique natural style that is modern yet timeless.

“My greatest joy is creating an environment that combines simplicity with the beauty of beauty. Our goal is to take our guests on a journey that gives them complete relaxation and inner peace. ”

At Palma Salon, we believe in inspiring and teaching our guests while integrating wellness and beauty into their lives. The Palma Salon team consists of hairdressers, hairdressing assistants and nail technicians.

At Palma we offer complimentary professional consultations. A highly trained stylist will hear your needs to create a style that is perfectly suited to your hair and your desires. With the team’s extensive experience, expertise and passion for the hairdressing and wellness profession, we greatly look forward to your visit.

We strive to constantly update our expertise through education and innovation so that we may always provide our guests with the most up to date knowledge and most fashion forward styles.

Ny Østergade 5, 1101 København, Denmark
Phone (+45) 33 14 00 24

We are open Monday-Friday 9am – 5.30pm, Thursday 9am – 7pm & Saturday 9am – 2pm or by appointment